Below are our terms and conditions for your perusal. Please read them before you use the Grand Reef Casino website or download any software hosted on the site.


  • 1. By signing up to and wagering at Grand Reef Casino, you agree to and fully accept all the terms and conditions.
  • 2. All terms and conditions apply in all dealings with Grand Reef Casino.
  • 3. Grand Reef Casino allows the player a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable sub-license to use the software for playing in the casino.
  • 4. Grand Reef Casino is the trade name of the company and you have no rights to the term and any material contained on the site.
  • 5. No individuals under 18 years/ minors are permitted to use this site and any of its facilities.
  • 6. Grand Reef Casino uses real money. All games, winning and bets are in real money. Should you wish to play for fun, please log in to the site on fun mode.
  • 7. Use our phone line or email to log a dispute or query within 14 days of the conflict. All results on the site and software are final.
  • 8. Players using Grand Reef Casino software shall hold the company harmless and protect the company and all affiliates and stake holders from any and all costs, liabilities, and damages that may come as a result of:
    1. 8.1 entry, use or reuse of the site
    2. 8.2 software or any other materials contained on the site
    3. 8.3 use or reuse of Grand Reef Casino’s server
    4. 8.4 gaming results

Acceptance of any rewards or prizes

  • 1. Do not use the site, play any games or accept any rewards or prizes if you do not understand and agree to all terms and conditions, rules and regulations, stipulated in this document which remain subject to change at any time and can be made applicable with immediate effect upon publishing on the site.
  • 2. Make sure you visit the site at least once a month to check updates
  • 3. Grand Reef Casino reserves the right to make amendments and discontinuations to the game roster without prior notice to players.
  • 4. Acceptance of winnings or prizes translates to consent to use your name and likeness on promotional material at no extra cost to us.
  • 5. Grand Reef Casino reserves the right to change the rules and cancel/ postpone any running promotions.
  • 6. We reserve the right to reject new sign-ups from these countries and states: country
  • 7. Only residents of jurisdictions in which games of the casino are not prohibited by law, may play.
    1. 7.1 Players from the following countries are allowed to play for real wagers: Australia, New Zealand and India. If your country is not listed, we apologize for any inconvenience.
  • 8. Each player is allowed only one REAL account. All other accounts under one user will be closed. Withdrawals, rewards and winnings will be cancelled if the player possesses more than one account.
  • 9. A player’s physical presence prohibits them from playing in states or jurisdictions in which games are not permitted by law.
  • 10. Grand Reef Casino and staff, partners and affiliates make no representation as to your legal right to participate in gaming.
  • 11. Immediate family members of staff of Grand Reef Casino are not permitted to use or participate in the service
  • 12. Grand Reef Casino is purely for entertainment value and non-professional use.
  • 13: We reserve the right to cancel your account without serving the player any prior notice. In the event that this occurs, all your balances will be credited to you. Winnings may be withheld under the following circumstances:
    1. 13.1 The player has multiple accounts
    2. 13.2 If credit card details do not match account details
    3. 13.3 If the player cashes in rewards before fulfilling requirements of involved promotions
    4. 13.4 Registration and identification information is misleading or false
    5. 13.5 If the player is under age
    6. 13.6 If player lives in state that prohibits the game. In some areas gambling is illegal and it has not been addressed in others. The onus is on you to determine which laws apply to your situation.
    7. 13.7 Allowing another player to game under your account
    8. 13.8 If the player is found cheating or other there is evidence or suspicion of foul play
    9. 13.9 If the player has been found to be a bonus abuser or playing low or no risk to get promotional benefits; money etc.
    10. 13.10 If the player has been found to be an offender/ transgressor at another casino
  • 14. If any fraud and other forms of foul play are suspected on the part of a player, payments will be withheld. Furthermore, by registering with Grand Reef Casino agree to pay all payments due to the casino in full.
  • 15. You are exclusively responsible for any taxes on any winnings and rewards the player collects from the casino
  • 16. Balances are forfeited after 180 days elapse after the last log on. Inactivity for 6 months renders the account inactive and the casino reserves the right to close the account.
  • 17. It is the player’s responsibility to keep their login details secret as well as purchases and losses. You may not allow a third party to utilise your account. We will not retain any of this information for the player unless the fault is the company’s.
  • 18. We will not be held liable for any internet malfunction or any attempts by the player to play the games in a way not stipulated or intended.
  • 19. Cheating, fraudulent activity or any attempts to defame he casino will lead to your identity, actions, personal information being exposed to the public as well as other casinos, banks and other financial institutions and appropriate agencies.
  • 20. Illegally obtained or counterfeit gaming materials will be deemed void.
  • 21. We will not be held liable for any misplaced, late, unreadable, unfinished, damaged, misdirected, or postage due mail, requests, prize claims or entries
  • 22. We recommend that all winners print out an email confirmation of prizes, rewards and winnings for their own records and t avid any misconceptions.
  • 23. All wagers must be placed through the site. Users are not permitted to place any wagers through robots or any party beside the account holder. Accounts employing the use of illegal or non-approved software will be cancelled and we reserve the right to take further action should we wish to do so.
  • 24. There are set weekly withdrawal limits and pay-outs determined by management depending on your VIP status.
  • 25. We reserve the right to remove processing charges from the withdrawal amount if the player does not deposit at least once before requesting a withdrawal.
  • 26. If our service was not to your satisfaction, please send us an email and we will investigate your issue. We may issue a refund of purchase based on the validity of the reason.
  • 27. We have a zero tolerance policy toward foul and offensive language; including but not limited to the racist and sexist; toward Grand Reef Casino staff. Player privileges will be revoked or suspended in the event of such conduct. Any account create using foul language will be changed and blocked.
  • 28. This End-User license constitutes the entire agreement created between us with respect to its subject matter and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether oral or written, between the parties.
  • 29. HELP Information: For additional information, call +44 203 139 9035


  • 1. There is a 18 years and above age requirement for all players
  • 2. The laws of the country you reside in must allow on-line casino gaming and on-line gambling. The use of the Casino Services is forbidden to all individuals living in jurisdictions where such use is illegal or prohibited.
  • 3. You must provide thorough and accurate User Account information to the Casino.
  • 4. You cannot be an employee, consultant, licensee, distributor, media partner, promoter, retailer of the Casino, including members of their immediate families.
  • 5. You must abide by the rules of the Casino.
  • 6. You cannot play on behalf of an individual that is not allowed to play at the Casino.
  • 7. The Casino reserves the right to limit access to Players for any reason that the Casino deems necessary.


  • 1. Depositing to your User Account
    1. 1.1 You acknowledge that any funds used for playing Games must be legal.
    2. 1.2 You are prohibited from using anyone else’s credit card or other banking mechanism to place a bet at the Casino
    3. 1.3 Once you place a bet, the bet is irrevocable and you cannot undo or “charge back” the transaction. You cannot get your stake money back if you lose your bet.
    4. 1.4 The Casino reserves the right to limit and/or refuse your wager without prior notice. The Casino is not obligated to accept your bet. In the event of any dispute regarding a wager or winning, the decision of the Casino shall be final and binding.

Withdrawal from User Account

  • 2. Withdrawals must be made back to the User Account that the deposit originated from. In the event that this is not possible as would happen if the deposit was made via credit card, you may need to use another method of withdrawal.
    1. 2.1 If you deposit and withdraw without laying a wager of at least 1 x the value of the deposit, you may be subject to a transaction fee that cannot exceed 10% of the transaction amount. This can be done after we have reviewed the deposit and account the account and are satisfied that there has been no manipulation of any funds or the financial system; money laundering and fraud.
    2. 2.2 A maximum withdrawal amount of $/€/ CAD 2,500.00 (₹150,000.00) will be remunerated per week. Any balances left over will be paid in instalments in subsequent weeks.
    3. 2.3 The maximum withdrawal amount may vary depending on your VIP Status at the casino. Please note that to receive a withdrawal after making a bonus-free deposit, you must wager the deposit at least 1 x the value of said deposit.

General Deposit and Withdrawal Rules

  • 3. 3. To protect ourselves and the interests of our financial processors we reserve the right to report any mishandling of funds, fraud, money laundering and other illegal usage of funds to the relevant authorities for further investigation.
    1. 3.1 3.1 We have put various software technologies in place to protect against fraud and guard your online safety. All transactions between the player and the casino are confidential and supervised for your safety.
    2. 3.2 3.2 All materials relating to the Casino are automatically voided without notice if you alter, mutilate, forge, tamper with, or otherwise alter such materials in any way whatsoever or if you attempt or cause others to attempt any such act. Any gaming or attempted gaming or purported winnings during or following such alteration, mutilation, forgery, tampering or similar such acts or attempted acts shall automatically and without notice, be void. Any fraud (whether actual or constructive) on your part or caused by you shall automatically void any actual or attempted transaction from the inception and any alleged winnings shall not be actual winnings.


  • 1. General Bonus and Promotion Rules
    1. 1.1 Specific bonus and promotion rules overtake any General Bonus and Promotion Rules contained in this document.
    2. 1.2 Only one promotion may be applied at any one time to any one Player, unless otherwise stated.
    3. 1.3 Each promotion applies only once to each user account and the details stipulated therein (Player, family, address, credit card number, and computer and shared computers (i.e. university, fraternity, school, public library or workplace) unless otherwise agreed upon by the player and the casino. A player’s identity is their player name, mailing address, e-mail, IP address, credit or charge card number, computer, telephone number. In the event that multiple participation is allowed, the casino reserves the right to limit the amount of bonuses that one player can receive.
    4. 1.41.4 Promotions cannot be pooled unless otherwise stated.
    5. 1.5 All deposit bonuses are for betting purposes only and may not be withdrawn. (Bonus is Sticky)
    6. 1.6 Bonus money made from deposits does not count towards deposits.
    7. 1.7 Reversing a cash-in back to your casino balance does not count as a deposit.
    8. 1.8 You must have a balance below $/€/CAD/₹1 in your account before you claim any coupon.
    9. 1.9 A new deposit cannot be made until you have played through the balance of a current deposit and bonus and your balance is below $/€/CAD/₹1.
    10. 1.10 You cannot use a previous balance in your User Account to assist in meeting your wagering requirements.
    11. 1.11 Withdrawals are not permitted for an amount less than that of the bonus.
    12. 1.12 Upon asking for any withdrawal (irrespective of the total number of deposits), any sum up to the corresponding value of the deposit bonus will be subtracted from your balance or winnings prior to payment. For example, if you deposit $/€/CAD/₹500 and receive a $/€/CAD/₹250 bonus after meeting all wagering requirements, and you wish to withdraw your funds, a request needs to be made for an amount less than your bonus amount received.
    13. 1.13 Grand Reef Casino reserves the right to refuse a player any amount in excess of your original deposit from your withdrawal if the bonus is betted on baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette or sic-bo. Unless otherwise stated.
    14. 1.14 Any winnings earned on games that do not qualify towards wagering requirements will be subject to the Standard Deposit Coupon Rules where all winning from restricted games will need to be wagered 25 x additionally. For instance, if you deposit $/€/ CAD/₹200 and get a 100% deposit bonus, you are required to wager $/€/CAD/ ₹10,000 before you can make a withdrawal. If you played on restricted games and won i.e. $/€/ CAD/₹100 while still meeting your wagering requirements, you will be required to wager an additional $2,500 ($100 x 25 = $2.500) on top of your original wagering requirement of $10,000 (that gives you $12,500 in wagering) before you can make a withdrawal.
    15. 1.15 We offer bonuses for real players. These bonuses are not meant for purposes of giving players that we have deemed “bonus hunters” or “bonus abusers” to whom all bonuses are void. Grand Reef Casino management runs this classification process which is final. We encourage all players to take part in, but not abuse, the promotions tabled by the casino. Players found to be involved in fraudulent activities will have all their winnings revoked.
      1. 1.15.1 (Bonus hunters are players that use more than 5 non-deposit bonuses without ever making a deposit in the Casino)
      2. 1.15.2 (Bonus abusers are players that do not respect the Casino’s Bonuses and Promotions Terms and Conditions, as well as take unfair advantage of any promotion)
  • 2. Grand Reef Casino reserves the right to review transaction records. If a player is found to be engaging in fraudulent practices by the agent, they may have their participation in promotions revoked in the said incident and eligibility in future promotions. We also reserve the right to limit or deny a player membership or any bonuses for any reason, including but not limited to, bonus abuse. We may also alter or terminate a promotion for any reason without prior notice. The casino shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from the modification, alteration, discontinuance or termination of any promotion, and any such liability shall be borne solely and exclusively by Players.
    1. 2.1 Only players from the following countries are allowed to redeem and/or make withdrawals on WELCOME BONUSES, FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES or MATCH BONUSES: Australia, New Zealand and India.
    2. 2.2 Players from all other territories not mentioned above will be eligible to redeem and/or make withdrawals on FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES after making 1 successful deposit at the casino.
    3. 2.3 Competitions and Progressive Games cannot be played with casino bonuses unless otherwise stated.
    4. 2.4 Making a withdrawal from 3 or more consecutive NO Deposit bonus claims without making a Minimum deposit – The withdrawal will be void if no Legitimate deposit has been made.
    5. 2.5 In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Casino will be considered final.
    6. 2.6 Terms of the promotions are in effect until a withdrawal is made from the promotion
    7. 2.7 Before any withdrawals are processed, your play may be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. In the interests of fair gaming all bonus promotions are limited on the maximum bet allowed to be placed during the play through phase. Equal, zero or low margin bets or hedge betting shall all be considered as irregular gaming for bonus play-through requirement purposes.
    8. 2.8 Other examples of irregular game play include (but are not limited to) placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited to their account until such time as the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met. Should the casino deem that irregular game play has occurred; the Casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings.


  • 1. The following rules apply to new user free money Welcome Bonus placed at the opening of a new User Account:
  • 2. If you get a non-deposit based bonus (free chips), you must wager 35 x the value of the free chip (Unless otherwise stated).
  • 3. Each user account is credited only one free chip.
    1. 3.1 i.e. family, household address, email address, credit card number, and computer and shared computers (for example: university, fraternity, school, public library or workplace
  • 4. If you have taken advantage of any Welcome Bonus in the past, you are not eligible for any successive Welcome Bonuses.
  • 5. Steps for Redeeming a Coupon:
    1. 5.1 Log into your User Account
      1. 5.1.1 Press on CASHIER
      2. 5.1.2 Press on REDEEM COUPON
      3. 5.1.3 Type in the coupon code in the rectangular window and click REDEEM.
      4. 5.1.4 Press on DEPOSIT.
      5. 5.1.5 Your deposit and bonus will arrive in your User Account.


  • 1. To withdraw winnings made on a deposit bonus, a Player must bet the deposit plus related bonus amount 30 x The Deposit + Bonus amount. Wagers placed on certain games like Blackjack & other table games may be excluded from wagering on a bonus offer or the wager requirement will be elevated on such games. ). For example, for a $/€/AUD/CAD/INR300 deposit and an associated $/€/AUD100/CAD/INR bonus, you must wager a total of $/€/AUD/CAD/INR 10.000 (excluding other higher wager or excluded games), to make a withdrawal.
  • 2. Each coupon code may be applied on ONLY one deposit. Coupons may only be redeemed once. A second attempt to redeem a once-used coupon will be void.
  • 3. Check a coupon’s expiry date and make sure that you redeem the coupon before it expires.


  • 1. You must wager 30 x the value of the free spin winnings.
  • 2. You may withdraw a maximum of ₹1000 on free spin unless stated otherwise in the promotion.
  • 3. Once you are paid the maximum withdrawal amount specified by a free spin promotion’s terms, the extra monies will be emptied from your User Account.


  • 1. Your User Account balance must be below $/€/AUD1 in order to claim a cash back.
  • 2. A cashback bonus can only be claimed 1 per week (usually Mondays) and the Percentage bonus is determined by your VIP status.
  • 3. You may withdraw no more than 10 X (Up to a maximum of $2500) the value of your received cash back.
  • 4. Any monies remaining after a cash back withdrawal will be taken away. Contact the Casino to get your cash back.
  • 5. You may only claim a cash-back on bonus free deposit.
  • 6. ONLY lost deposits since last withdrawal or cash back are eligible for a cash-back promotion (which ever comes last on account).
  • 7. Any withdrawal that is made from the received cash back or any other free promotion will not eligible for a new cash back. The withdrawn amount will first need to be covered before account is once again eligible for a cash-back.
  • 8. Deposits used to bet on restricted games (baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette and sic bo) are not eligible for a cashback.


  • 1. You are required to wager 35 x the value of any free chip bonus, unless otherwise stated in the promotion.
  • 2. You may withdraw a maximum of $100 from the free chip bonus unless otherwise stated in the promotion.
  • 3. Once you have been paid the maximum withdrawal amount stipulated in a free chip promotion, the extra funds will be emptied from your User Account.


  • 1. Sequence deposit coupons need to be redeemed in the order stated in the promotion. No sequenced deposit coupon may be skipped.
  • 2. A player will lose all their winnings made as a result from plays on that bonus if a sequenced deposit coupon order is violated.

NB: All other General Bonus and Promotion Rules apply.

Bonus Excluded Players

  • 1. If an excluded Player claims a promotion or money bonus and then profits from participation in a promotion or money bonus, the following will apply:
  • 2. Bonus and any winnings will be forfeited.
  • 3. Whichever is less between the initial deposit and the user account balance will be credited back to the user account from which the deposit originated from. The original deposit may be withdrawn.


  • 1. We reserve the right to suspend your account pending investigation in the event of the casino having reasonable grounds for suspecting that you have been involved in any form of collusion, syndication or fraud during your use of the casino platform, website and/or systems. We also reserve the right to withhold the whole or part of your account balance, close your account permanently, as well as recover from your account the amount of any winnings, pay-outs or bonuses which have been affected by any of the following activities:
    1. 1.1 Collusion: The joint effort of two or more entities to gain an unfair advantage over the software and other players via combining of their monies to get an unnatural rise of accessible funds through multiple bonus awards (similarly to multi-accounting) to benefit/take advantage from game engine design. This is usually done at a casino in order to grow the total number of deposit bonuses awarded, thereby unnaturally maximizing probability of achieving a large winning slot pay-out (for example: slot bonus round) while ensuring that the pay-out of such an event is awarded to one of the colluding members, effectively detracting from the winning potential of any other players using the casino.
    2. 1.2 Syndication: We become aware that you are a member and/or form part of a syndicate, club or group where players receive advantage play strategies in order to create positive expectancy scenarios through the acquisition of promotional offers.
    3. 1.3 Exploitation of a fault, loophole or error in our or any third party software provided for the services of this agreement.
    4. 1.4 We become aware that you have been found guilty of fraudulent or collusive behaviour at another on-line gaming business including charge-backs, collusion, or criminal activities.
    5. 1.5 We become aware that you have charged back any or denied any of the transfers, deposits and purchases to your account in a fraudulent manner.
    6. 1.6 Make use of any automated play software such as ‘bots‘, or any type of simulation tools or systems designed to provide an unfair advantage over the casino.
    7. 1.7 As a player who makes use of this casino, you agree that you are not colluding or attempting to collude, nor intending to participate directly or indirectly in a collusion scheme which involves the sharing of winnings between selected players, sharing of funds, or working together toward mutual end goal while benefiting from multiple acquisition incentive offers, to the detriment of other players whom are not involved in the colluding party.
  • 2. You also agree that you will inform the casino through one of the means necessary should you suspect a player to be colluding, or planning to collude with other players. You also agree that you do not form part of a syndicate or group that engages in advantage play strategies.
  • 3. We will scrutinise any case in which we believe there may be fraudulent activity, collusion, syndication or illegal activity and reserve the right to inform our business units, processing companies, electronic payment providers or other financial institutions we use, of your identity and of any suspected unlawful, fraudulent or improper activity.

Player Self-Exclusion

Grand Reef Casino knows that even though most players gamble purely for entertainment reasons, it may become detrimental to a small group of people.

We prefer that all Grand Reef Casino players game within their means both comfortably and responsibly. If you find yourself worried about your gaming habits and behaviours, please consider one of these options:

  • • Take 7 days or more, away from gambling
  • • Take 6 months or more, from gambling
  • • exclude themselves from playing for a definite period of time.

Grand Reef is passionate about providing a fun and leisurely online gaming experience to our players, we also encourage safety in all aspects. Should you decide to take up either of the options provided above, Grand Reef will make sure that your gaming accounts are self-excluded for the selected period. We will also take steps to not send you advertorial communication for the duration of your break from gambling. Please note that if you use Social Media platforms, it is up to you to take ensure that you do not get delivery of our promotional content and updates. We recommend you do this for any other operator you are registered with.

You are also allowed to change deposit, loss or wager limits at any time.

To do so or to request a self-exclusion, get in touch with our customer support team.

Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policy

Grand Reef Casino takes an aggressive stance against money laundering and forbid any attempt to action any illegal use of money and the funding of terrorist activity. You are therefore forced to abide by all legislation stipulated by the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and all other related regulation.

Users of will be required to share their personal documentation (including but not limited to Government issued ID, bank statements and utility bills) for identification and verification purposes prior to a transfer request being processed. This protocol is enforced by the Rational Group, for the protection of casino users as well to prevent any third parties from using the Rational Group as a vehicle for monetary criminal activity.

Grand Reef Casino reserves the right to enlist the services of a relevant third party to assist in the verification of the valid documents as well as other information you send to us, upon request, when you register as a user on the site. Furthermore, we may, at our sole discretion, undertake to authenticate customer identity documents through other means if initial verification does not provide sufficient and definite proof of authenticity. The following methods to verify may be used: (1) verifying your email address; (2) Confirming legitimacy of telephone or/and bank account number; and (3) The use of your IP address, among others, through either automated or manual processes, to confirm your location.

Should the Player opt to deposit into his/her account using a credit card, please note that the Casino requires an authorization form along with a front copy of the credit card. Click here for Authorization Agreement & Account Verification.

We reserve the right to block/ report a user, until an account audit is complete, should suspicion of criminality arise. Users are asked to ensure that all funds related to their account be legal and lawful. Note that we will check all transactions to ensure the casino’s and user’s safety to prevent fraud activity. Finance authorities will be consulted should incoming funds be suspected of money – laundering and fraud.